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Our SEO Experts Help You Rank on Google


No matter how great your website looks, without the proper SEO management, your clients won't be able to find you. Think of it as building an awesome store in the middle of nowhere. 

Our SEO Specialists will evalulate several metrics from your site and optimize them so that your clients can easily find you using keywords most relevant to your products or services.

A proper SEO plan can make the difference in thousands of missed opportunities for customers to view your website and purchase your products and services.

Get a Complete a SEO Analysis


  • Run WIX SEO Wizard

  • Optimize Keywords

  • Robots.txt

  • Meta Keywords Optimization

  • XML Site Map

  • Heading Tags Optimization H1-H6

  • Compress Images

  • Add Social Media Links

  • HTTPS Setup

  • Page Speed Optimization

  • Image Tags and Descriptions

Computer Tutorials
  • Submit Site URL to Directories

  • Schema Markup

  • Local SEO 

  • Internal Linking

  • Install Free Site Booster App

  • Google Bing Yandex Tools

  • Add Social Media Links

  • URL Indexing

  • Set Up Google Analytics 

  • Link Search Engines

  • Submit Pages to Directories

Each SEO Customer Will Also Receive:

  • Access to Real-Time Analytics

  • A Full Report to Explain Each Service

  • Recommended Next Steps

  • A comprehensive SEO Plan

  • A Discount on our Blog Post Services

  • And More!

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